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Ultimate Island

Formex Ultimate Permanent Steel Island Forms offering advanced design with construction components that make installations 90% faster and finished islands more pleasing and professional in appearance. Formex Ultimate Permanent Steel Island Forms enjoy the reputation as the most advanced steel island forms available.

Some Features Include:

  • Shorter end sections designed to give more room for larger containment systems.
  • Bracing welded so as not to interfere with canopy columns.
  • Forms include a 1" return on the straight sides to make islands more rigid.
  • Sturdy 1" angle cross braces support the weight of heavier containment systems.
  • Contractors no longer have to cut out bracing in the field.
  • Raised ends will be made in one piece with heights up to 36".
  • Components are smaller and require less room to store. Also are less expensive to ship.
  • Same end components are used for "Dogbone" Islands as are used for straight islands.
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