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Dogbone Island

Designed and developed for today's multi-product dispensers. The unique "Dogbone" shape provides the added protection these dispensers and their electronic components deserve, while still allowing each customer access.



Some Features Include:

  • Full rub rails with radius corners provide an attractive, finished appearance; protects vehicle tires.
  • Heavy 12-gauge (1/8") prime steel plate construction. (Available prime coated, galvanized, or stainless steel.)
  • Double bracing on sidewalls helps prevent bowing and bulges.
  • Adjustable top braces offer faster, easier more accurate placement of dispenser boxes.
  • Bottom braces bolt to the flanges for additional strength.
  • Joint line-up pins permit fast and accurate alignment.
  • Raised ends will be made in one piece with heights up to 36".
  • Sturdy 1" angle cross braces support the weight of heavier containment systems.
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